All five members of Aerosmith talked with Noisecreep recently about their new album, Music From Another Dimension, but it was Joe Perry that had some of the most revealing comments.

The group was asked about the eleven year gap between original albums with Perry saying "we knew we had another record in us, despite what many said, and I make no bones about it, I don't know if we're gonna make another record."

If this is the last, it's not because the boys don't get along. In fact, there are times that they do get into heavy arguments but they have a way to work it out. "Our disagreements are what make us dynamic. If we all thought the same way, nothing good would happen, but even after we argue, we don't take it home. It's one of the things that allowed us to get back together. We'll argue things to death, but we deal with it, figure it out and move on. There's too much life out there to waste time being like kids in high school. We had a meeting yesterday over a video, it got really heated, but then went down to look at Steven's motorcycle. All was fine. Then it was like, what are you doing tonight?"

As far as where Music From Another Dimension falls in the Aerosmith cannon, Perry said "In order to compare you have to not like something else. So I'll pick what I don't like and work my way up. I really didn't like Done With Mirrors. I really didn't like Just Push Play. Then there are other records I really think we're good for their time, like Toys and Rocks. I still listen to those and I put this one in that category of a record I will continue to listen to a lot. I can't get enough of this one."

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