Adele has reportedly failed to register her baby within England’s 42-day deadline.
The singer and her partner Simon Konecki welcomed their baby boy into the world on October 19.
The tot’s name has yet to be released.
According to UK newspaper The Sun, the Rolling in the Deep singer faces a $1,600 fine for failing to register the baby within six weeks.
Registrars have told the publication neither parent has made an appointment with the General Register Office (GRO).
The couple will be sent warning letters if the birth is not logged soon.
A source tells the newspaper police are not likely to get involved.
“Cops are hardly going to be banging on their door tomorrow and it’s probably just an oversight on their part,” the insider said.
It is apparently not all that uncommon for such deadlines to be missed.
“Most parents register their baby within a couple of weeks because it’s a nice thing to do – and because there’s a maximum fine of £1,000 ($1,600) if they don’t. There’s loads of reasons why parents are late and millions of couples don’t bother for ages,” the source continued.
The registrar can be held liable if the baby is not logged by the GRO within three months of his birth.