Harry Styles likes that Taylor Swift is so "smart and sassy".
The One Direction star and American singer are said to have rekindled their relationship recently. Taylor was even said to be looking for a home near Harry in the UK and the British star is said to be revelling in the attention.
"Taylor can be quite intense and has been contacting Harry a lot, but at the moment he's enjoying it. Taylor is very smart and sassy and Harry likes that. There was a plan to meet up in New York this week," an insider told British magazine Heat.
There has been speculation the pair's romance isn't that serious as Taylor only recently split from Conor Kennedy.
However, they have been seeing a lot of each other. Although Harry can't get enough of the blonde singer there are a few of her habits which have got him wondering about how long their flirtation will last.
"Harry's reputation [as a ladies' man] hasn't stopped Taylor from wanting to fall head-over-heels for him," the source claimed. "Harry doesn't enjoy it when girls become too clingy and she's already showing signs of that behaviour.
"Harry is off on tour now and will spend January playing shows in the UK, so Taylor can't expect to see much of Harry then."
Taylor received death threats from angry One Direction fans via Twitter when her romance with Harry was made public.