Kelly Clarkson has joked strawberry cider “just screams breakfast”.
The American Idol winner is busy promoting her latest single Catch My Breath from new album Greatest Hits: Chapter One.
Her busy lifestyle means staying in a lot of hotels and learning to adapt to eating and drinking at strange times of the day.
“I have been suffering jetlag!” she admitted to BBC Radio 1.
“I went to bed at, like, five past seven and then I was woken up at twelve-thirty by the hotel’s fire alarm again! For the second time - but there was an actual fire this time! We ended up at a bar across the road; I had a beer. After six hours of sleep...there’s something wrong with that, I need rehab! I had a strawberry cider - that just screams breakfast.”
After winning the US talent show, Kelly went on to release a host of hits, including hugely successful Miss Independent.
Last night it was revealed the 30-year-old has scored three Grammy nominations for the punchy single Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You).
“Everyone who is nominated is so legitimately talented, like Florence [Welch], Pink, Rihanna...I just love them!” she said of other artists who are up for one of the prestigious awards.
Kelly’s passion for music means she also enjoys watching other people in the industry perform.
The singer is attending a Florence + The Machine concert in the UK tonight and says having these opportunities is what she values most about her showbiz lifestyle.
“The best bit [about being famous] is going to see shows,” she exclaimed.
“When I was younger I never got to go because I was broke and poor. You get special treatment [now]; some sweet people give you free food and drinks! No matter how much money you have, free is always good! When you come from a poor background, free never stops being exciting! I’m always like, ‘Oh, this is free? Let’s just drink as much as we can!’”