Keira Knightley has apparently joked she feels “musically traumatised” because her friends listened to pop songs when they were growing up.
The British actress finds it relaxing to spend time in a noise-free environment, and never feels the need to fill the silence with music. Keira admits she rarely listened to chart music when she was younger, and found it irritating that her pals were fans of mainstream boy bands.
"I can sit in a room in deadly silence without missing something,” she is quoted as saying by the German edition of Grazia. “I practically never listened to music when I was a teenager. It's my friends’ fault, they started listening to boy groups at the age of 11 or 12. But me, I wanted to play and I thought that those boys were getting in the way. I think I'm musically traumatised!"
Keira is engaged to British musician James Righton and since they began dating, the stars have been spotted attending a series of concerts in London.
It was even reported James had tried to teach Keira how to play the guitar.
Earlier this year Keira played a harmonica for her role in sci-fi drama Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.
The 27-year-old star has joked about what she would do if the Earth was set to be destroyed – and insists she would find it easier to cope if she was drunk.
"If I was to think that we don't have much time left to live I would crawl away into a corner and cry!” Keira laughed. “After that I'd get some alcohol - I certainly don't wanna be sober when the world ends!"