Pink has revealed she is a fan of winter as she finds the cold weather "romantic".
The singer is currently visiting London where she is promoting her new single Try and described how she has been spending her free time in the UK city.
Pink loved visiting London's seasonal attraction Winter Wonderland with her family as it reminded her of everything she likes about this time of year.
"We went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park which is the best place in the world, I wanted to stay there forever. The family loved it. I didn't get recognised while there, I usually don't, not when I'm with my little one, as I'm in mom mode," Pink enthused to BBC Radio 1.
"I bought a British phone booth, lots of touristy stuff. I do love winter, I like the fashion that comes with the cold. It's kind of romantic. I like to snuggle up and I love snow landscapes, real snow, fake is not the same."
Although the star has a soft side, she also enjoys being "thrown around".
Pink joked that she loves a bit of rough and tumble, which explains why she liked making her new music video.
"It's so much fun (the new video). I got a little hurt. I figure it doesn't work if it doesn't hurt a little,” she laughed. “You just have to be a warrior and have the strength and the passion. That's why I love it, I like being thrown around!”
The singer went on to discuss her unique style and her love of body art. She also admitted she is superstitious, blaming her star sign for her decisions and impulses.
"I really like tattoos I've got over 20. I don't regret mine. They are like a favourite book or something you revisit over again," Pink continued. "Because I'm such a Virgo, I'm always trying to stroke some balance so now I'd like to wipe the slate clean and get a new tattoo across the whole of my back."