Barbra Streisand reminisced about a time she and Peter Sellers discussed “steak ice cream” while high as a kite.
The 70-year-old actress went on many an adventure with legendary celebrities in her youth.
More than four decades ago, she and British comedian Peter couldn’t quite make up their minds about what dessert they wanted to eat.
"The funny thing, we went to a restaurant. And we started to riff on, like should we have steak [flavored] ice cream," Barbra recalled to USA Today during a Q&A session for her new film The Guilt Trip.
"It was funny at the time. It's not funny now since you're not high."
Barbra also went on a far out journey with Marlon Brando.
Similarly, delicious food was involved in this escapade.
"[Marlon] wanted to go to the desert to see the wildflowers. He wanted to stay overnight and I said, 'No I don't know you well enough.' “ Barbra revealed.
"[So it became] a daytime trip to see the sagebrush and the wildflowers. We went into a little hamburger joint with a creaky screen door. I remember sitting there at the counter ordering hamburgers and thinking, 'This is Marlon Brando!' "
Barbra wants to write an autobiography in the future.
She now believes that she revealed too many good stories.
"All of my secrets. I have nothing to write about now,” she joked.
Barbra’s comedy The Guilt Trip also starring Seth Rogen will be released in US theatres this month.