Dr Dre earned more than any other act on the planet during 2012 but not for his music.

The hip-hop producer and performer pocketed $110 million, mostly from this Beats headphones brand.

Dre made the big bucks when HTC bought a 51% stake in his company for $300 million. That was worth about $100 million personally to Dr Dre.

Coming is second to Dr Dre was Roger Waters on $88 million.

The top 10 earners list according to Forbes is:

1. Dr Dre $110m
2. Roger Waters $88m
3. Elton John $80m
4. U2 $78m
5. Take That $69m
6. Bon Jovi $60m
7. Britney Spears $58m
8. Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift (tie) $57m
10. Justin Bieber and Toby Keith (tie) $55m

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