YAK Apparel BEANIES & HEAD WRAPS, FLEECE LINED HATS and FAUX FUR LINED HATS are not just fashionable, cozy and warm but handmade in Nepal in a cottage industry that we help support. They are ideal for winter, winter sports, moms and dads, children, students, fashionistas, green supporters and lovers of unique fashion.

YAK APPAREL hats are made of real wool and our scarves are 100% silk.

All our products are handmade from natural, sustainable materials.
Each hat is unique and handmade by women in a true cottage industry supporting families in Nepal.

Yak products are sold in more than 2,000 stores all over the United States, and we're still growing. We distribute products for men, women and children across the United States, Canada and abroad in Germany, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

About YAK:

YAK Apparel is a Boston-based clothing and accessories company specializing in wool hats and silk scarves handmade in Nepal. We founded Yak in 2009, after a trip to Nepal in which we discovered talented artisans crafting beautiful, colorful wool hats by hand.

When we started working with the Artisans who make our product in Kathmandu and the surrounding villages, we were struck by the sense of color and the incredible creativity everyone brought to the table.
The women who knitted our hats literally designed them on the fly – they knew exactly what colors to pick, how to combine them and how to incorporate them into the most intricate designs.

Our designers worked with the Artisans in Nepal to infuse American and European fashion trends into the authentic products. This is how our great pom-pom hats came to life – the warmth of the authentic earflap hat combined with faux-fur pompoms as a trendy fashion accent. Our best seller combines many shades of purple with a plush grey faux fur lining and just the cutest pompoms at the ends of the tassels and on top of the hat.

We also discovered Nepal’s wonderful silk scarves on our journey. 100% natural silk, made with such incredible attention to detail, and of course once again the most vibrant designs and enticing colors you can imagine. Our scarves are a true form of luxury – made one at a time.

Our mission at Yak is to provide sustainable, fair wage employment to the people of Nepal through the production of colorful wool hats, silk scarves and other handmade accessories that are as unique and beautiful as the people who wear them.