Taylor Swift is allegedly using Harry Styles to win back her ex-boyfriend

The singer has recently been linked with the British boy band star after they were spotted hanging out together.

It had been reported that Taylor was even considering a move to the UK to be closer to her One Direction beau, which made headlines as she appeared to be moving on so soon after splitting with student Conor Kennedy.

Now it has been claimed the star has pre-calculated her relationship with Harry purposely to make her ex-boyfriend jealous, following their break-up in October.

"It wouldn't be surprising if this fling with Harry is all about Taylor trying to win Conor back," a source told British magazine Grazia. "She still seems really into him."

Taylor and Conor's relationship was well documented, with Taylor gushing about her romance with the 18-year-old son of Robert F Kennedy Jr. on numerous occasions. The 22-year-old American country star apparently still has feelings for Conor, with her alleged dalliance with Harry serving as nothing more than a ploy to make him jealous.

"Taylor is still hung up on Conor," a source continued. "She says they only broke up because of her work schedule and his commitments."