Nicki Minaj wants to teach her fans to “stick up for themselves”.

The eccentric singer is known for her honest nature and has been involved in high-profile celebrity spats with the likes of Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler and pop diva Mariah Carey.

The 29-year-old rapper insists she only acts in self-defence and wants to maintain a good example for impressionable fans.

“It gets a lot of attention when I fight back. But that’s the key; fight back! Someone started the fight with me, and that’s what always happens,” she defended herself to Australian radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O.

“But I want my fans and the people who look up to me to stand up for themselves.”

The Super Bass singer is currently a judge on American Idol, but unfortunately clashed with her co-star Mariah.

Nicki admits she grew up listening to the icon’s music and finds it hurtful when she falls out with people she admires.

“I’ve gotten so much from people who don’t know me from a can of paint - people in the industry, who have such a problem with me. I don’t know why they always have to mention me and say something ridiculous and try to shoot me down. These are people who I’ve looked up to for so long, and I’ve honoured and respected them and I give them so much love,” she explained.

“I was really offended by the Mariah situation and that she didn’t want me to be on the show. She didn’t specify me, but she didn’t want another woman on the show. And then when I got there, you could feel it in the air. I was like, ‘Oh my god! What’s going on!’ Even when they do things, I still love them; I always go back to being a teenager and admire them. I never hate them.”

Earlier this week Nicki was involved in a bitter feud with former American Idol judge Steven.

The two stars used Twitter to voice their opinions, with Nicki accusing the 64-year-old of being racist.

Steven later apologised and assured his fans he was not racist.