Kanye West reportedly gave Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend "props" after he splashed out $15,000 on drinks for some rappers.

Kanye is dating Kim Kardashian and so has been spending time with her sister Kourtney's partner Scott Disick during their relationship.

Over the weekend the two men partied up a storm at nightspot LIV in Miami, although initially it's claimed tensions arose. Several other rappers were in attendance and began poking fun at famous dandy Scott, so he decided to win their respect by treating them all to beverages.

"There were tons of rappers and athletes there and Kanye was making fun of Scott being this ‘little dude’ around all of them. Then Lil Wayne joined in on picking fun at Scott, then Diddy too," an insider told New York Daily News' Confidenti@l column.

However, when Scott produced his credit card and proceeded to splash out $15,000 on drinks, opinions changed.

"Kanye and Diddy and Lil Wayne were giving him props for ‘balling out’ and started to warm up to him," the insider explained.

Scott and Kourtney have two-year-old son Mason and daughter Penelope, who is four months, together. There have been rumours Scott has proposed to his long-term girlfriend in secret, but during the evening he was apparently keen to talk to other girls.

It's been claimed he invited several women to party with the group, which didn't go down well with everyone.

"Kanye got visibly uncomfortable with the amount of girls at the table because of Scott," the insider claimed. "Scott was flirting, as usual, with them and offering them drinks and being really inviting. Kanye was just trying to avoid all the girls’ advances."

Kanye reportedly loosened up later in the evening and flirted a little, with Diddy immediately starting to drink shots and scream: "Scott is a bad influence!"

Rapper Kanye seemingly took note of his pal’s remark and began to text Kim, after warning Scott that their level of fame meant it was hard to keep out of the public spotlight.

Scott reportedly retorted: "Loosen up! The girls won’t know. It’s not a crime to look!"