Jordin Sparks says that she and her boyfriend Jason Derülo are simply too “busy” to marry at the moment.
The two singers have been dating for around a year and are focusing on their future together.
Although Jordin and Jason do want to wed someday, presently their lives are a bit too hectic for a wedding.
"One day," Jordin told MTV News in a joint interview with Jason.
"We both have to be ready. We are really, really busy right now."
The pair have been collaborating professionally pretty heavily of late.
Jason and Jordin have created numerous songs for their mutual upcoming albums.
"We actually have recorded some stuff together, so hopefully there will be a song on his and a song on mine, different songs," Jordin revealed.
"Now, our problem is just deciding which one goes where."
The couple admit that working together wasn’t as easy as they initially anticipated.
"It was like World War III the first time," Jordin laughed, while Jason added, “And the second time and the third time.”