Taylor Swift could never be a model because Victoria’s Secret “wouldn’t let her in”.
The 22-year-old country singer is known for her great voice, but has also been blessed with gorgeous looks.
Despite her tall, slim frame, the star doesn’t think a career on the catwalk is on the cards for her.
“That’s so nice! But no, I didn’t ever think [about doing modelling],” she told Australian radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O.
“Music was always just everything. As soon as I started writing songs, that was it. I don’t think I ever thought that modelling thing was a possibility. No I could not [do it now]! Victoria’s Secret would not let me in!”
For now the I Knew You Were Trouble singer is enjoying a lucrative singing career, with her latest album Red already receiving a great response worldwide.
Taylor’s career means a lot of touring, and the star has ways of keeping herself entertained.
“Back in 2008 I was in CSI Las Vegas, I got straight up murdered with a knife. I’ve been very vocal [about loving the show]. It’s my saving grace on the road, CSI and Law and Order,” she divulged.
“CSI came to me and they were like, ‘We’re writing this script where a teenage girl gets murdered and we want you to play the part,’ and I was all, ‘Yes! Please!’”
The young singer is known for writing about her relationships and famously penned a track entitled Dear John which is thought to be about her ex-boyfriend, bad boy John Mayer.
Taylor says being notorious for opening up about her emotions hasn’t affected her love life yet.
“If they were avoiding me [because I might write about them] I wouldn’t know it, so maybe! It’s possible! I’ve never had anyone come up like, ‘I really want to ask you out but if you write a song about me I’d be weirded out by that,’” she explained.
“And no one has said, ‘Oh, you’re going to write about me now.’ Not at the start of a relationship! Maybe spitefully in an email they would say that.”