Formed in 1994, Rammstein is a German Neue Deutsche Härte (NDH) metal band from Berlin. The six piece consists of Till Lindemann (lead vocalist), Richard Kruspe (guitar, backing vocals), Paul Landers (guitar, backing vocals), Oliver Riedel (bass guitar), Christoph Schneider (drums, electronic percussion), and Christian Lorenz (keyboards). They are one of the NDH genre’s most successful bands, garnering recognition worldwide. Currently, the band announced on their official Facebook account that they’ll be releasing a video collection featuring all of their music videos entitled "Videos 1995-2012" including their music video for their upcoming single “Mein Herz Brennt.”

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A study reported that those musicians who have less anxiety and stress show significantly higher qualities of performance. Those musicians who visualize their ideal performance seem to condition their subconscious minds to follow the suit. Therefore, the study concludes that the more knowledgeable the musicians are about how to reduce MPA and what contributes to it, are more likely to have fun and perform to their optimum level like Rammstein.