Rihanna grew so addicted to cheesy snacks while in the UK she stuffed her pockets with them.
The superstar couldn't get enough of the cheddar cheese biscuits during her recent stay in the country.
The songstress joked that she is stocking up on them and plans to bring as many packets as possible to the US with her.
"I love Mini Cheddars, my pockets are full of them now!" Rihanna laughed to BBC Radio One. "I'm taking them back to America with me."
Rihanna loves the bite sized baked cheese snack so much that she will be asking for them to be included on her next tour rider. The busy star has just finished her 777 series of shows, which saw her perform seven shows in seven different countries.
"[On tour my necessities are] underwear, perfume and sneakers," Rihanna revealed. "I don't demand them on my rider though, what I do want is olives, water, beer, Cheetos [cheese flavoured chips]... and Mini Cheddars!"
Rihanna made headlines with her tour as she invited 200 people to accompany her on her private plane. The Barbadian singer admitted the challenge was harder than she anticipated.
"It was fun but exhausting to do your job with 200 guests with you and they want you to host the party. The schedule meant I only really had time to sleep while flying for a few hours between countries," Rihanna explained. "I used my time wisely, I knew I had seven countries and seven shows. I tried to save my voice. I did have fun though. I wish I could give more."
The workaholic has a tendency to push herself to extremes, which she is starting to realise isn't healthy. As a result, Rihanna sometimes feels like a zombie when she switches off and stops performing.
"I like to do nothing after touring, even if it's not sleeping I just like doing nothing, sitting on the couch, watching TV or even just looking at the TV, even if it's not on! It's just nice to relax and have no schedule," Rihanna explained.
"I like to push through the tiredness and I go and go and go. But I'm starting to learn now that I have to take it easy."