Nicole Scherzinger is glad she doesn't have a car as she "wouldn't know how" to drive it abroad.

The American star has been jetting all over the world recently, thanks to her hectic singing career and a stint as a judge on a UK reality show. She was initially concerned about spending so much time away from home and found the thought of not being surrounded by any of her possessions terrifying.

"I was panicking about coming over. Leaving my family, my house, my friends, my everything. I don't have a car - but thank God, as I wouldn't know how to drive it here! I was scared," she told British magazine Closer.

Living in the UK for the short term could have been worse for the star. She already knows quite a lot about the country as she has been dating British Formula One ace Lewis Hamilton for several years.

Although they get along very well, the 34-year-old admits their varying upbringings mean they occasionally suffer from crossed wires.

"Lewis will say, 'Are you taking the Mick?'" she explained, referring to a British expression meaning is someone joking. "And I'm like, 'Who is Mick?'"

All the travel she has been doing has affected Nicole's sleep pattern. She recently travelled back to America to see some family and found she couldn't get any rest.

All was not lost though, as she managed to slip in some TV watching.

"I ended up watching a show about a cake-off and stayed up all night. It was epic," she laughed.