Sir Paul McCartney and his family get “all smartened up” whenever Johnny Depp pays a visit.

The musician and the actor are good friends.

Paul opens up his home to Johnny often.

The Beatle and his brood will never greet the star in anything less than their Sunday best.

“John — if I can just drop a name there — comes visiting quite a lot,” Paul told British newspaper The Sun.

“It’s cool. I had my daughter and her husband and the kids staying there recently, and my little one Beatrice.

“I said to them all, ‘By the way, Johnny Depp is coming round’. They all perked up — ‘Oh yeah?’ I said, ‘Yeah, he’s coming round tomorrow’.

“That morning I come into breakfast and the first guy coming in is Mary’s husband, and I say, ‘You look very smart today’.

“Then Nancy comes in, she’s all smartened up — make-up, you know. Normally, everyone bowls in bleary-eyed.

“Then suddenly they are all laughing at me because I’m in a waistcoat and I’ve done it too — subconsciously made a real effort. Everyone, Beatrice, all smartly dressed for our special guest.”