Harry Styles enjoyed “just sitting there” on the set of his new music video.

One Direction recently debuted the promo for their latest single Little Things, taken from the band’s new album Take Me Home.

In the clip, Harry and bandmates Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan are shown strumming their guitars as they sing the loved-up lyrics.

The 18-year-old says the low-key video was a welcome change after some of their more energetic offerings.

"It was real nice for us actually because most of the video shoots we do we have to get an early night before 'cause we know we are going to be so energetic and jumping around a lot," Harry told MTV News.

"And this was kind of nice because we just sat there."

Their latest song, a romantic ballad penned by Harry’s musical mate Ed Sheeran, is all about the little things that make someone special.

Zayn is currently romancing singer Perrie Edwards and hinted he may have been thinking about her during filming.

"We had a chilled-out day in the studio, and they filmed us chilling out,” Zayn recalled.

"I think you just get into the song and think about the lyrics and what it means to you. You might be looking out at the camera, but you might be thinking about something else. You're not thinking that millions of people are going to watch this, you're just into the song, into the lyrics; you're just feeling what the song is about."

Despite having a serious side, the boys are still young and enjoy messing around with each other.

Harry revealed some of the cheeky antics the teenage heartthrobs got up to once filming was complete.

"When it's on the screen we take pictures of the screen. We have a really good one, I think I have a picture of Liam,” Harry chuckled.

Liam added: "There's one point in the video where Louis pointed out to me and I didn't realise, but from the angle of the camera... it looks like I've gone [cross-eyed]. The funniest thing is they didn't tell me until they actually cut the video."