Taylor Swift says being 22 is about “falling on your face” and laughing about it.

The country star is renowned for detailing her tumultuous love life in her songs. The beauty believes her 20s is the right time to experiment and she isn’t afraid of failing.

She has discussed these feelings in the track 22, which appears on her new smash-hit album Red.

“It’s about not about having it all together and being OK with that. You take chances, fall on your face, get back up and laugh. That’s what ‘feeling [like age] 22’ has been for me,” she told Us Weekly.

Taylor – who turns 23 next month - has wanted to be a singer-songwriter since she was a child. She begged her parents to move to Nashville so she could pursue her dream of succeeding in the music industry. Although she is now one of the biggest acts in the world – having sold millions of albums and won a host of awards – Taylor would never assume she will always be so popular.

The star has spoken of her future ambitions and is determined not to outstay her welcome in the music charts.

"I don’t know how I see my future. I hope I'll age gracefully and know when to step out of the spotlight. And I hope I'll end up happy," she explained.