Pitbull and his crew treated restaurant guests to an impromptu performance this week.

The American rapper shot a segment for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and afterwards decided to have some fun with his friends. A group of around 20 people travelled with the hip-hop star to Victor’s eatery in New York City.

They chose to refuse an offer of seats in a private dining area of the Cuban restaurant, preferring to pull up stools and sit at the bar.

"He was super friendly with everyone and was even helping pass out mojitos to guests," an insider told New York Post.

As the drinks flowed the group became more animated and were particularly taken with the trio of Cuban musicians who were providing entertainment at the establishment.

Pitbull and his entourage began singing and dancing along to the up-tempo tunes, eventually getting other guests to join in the fun.

By 1am many of the patrons were still there, strutting their stuff and showing off their vocal skills as the band played.

Pitbull has been promoting his new record Global Warming recently and appeared on the Today show to play his track Back in Time on Wednesday. He spoke about his desire to change the climate of music with the album, thought to be where its title comes from.

The 31-year-old didn't lay down the tracks in the studio, instead creating them wherever he happened to be and then sending sections away to be mixed in the traditional way.