Nicki Minaj worked in a kitchen at the time of her big break.
The Starships singer shot to fame when she launched her Pink Friday album in 2010.
Before she became a superstar, Nicki was serving dinner.
"I was still working at Red Lobster when I first heard my song on the radio, so I wouldn't consider myself famous at that time!" she told ET Online.
"I had to go in that kitchen and make them salads and take that lobster out to that table!"
Nicki is glad that she stayed true to her artistic vision throughout her career.
She never listened to naysayers.
"The worst advice anyone has ever given me is to not incorporate singing and theatre into my music and into my image!" she revealed.
Nicki has several musical inspirations.
Not all of her idols are rap musicians.
"No one knows that I'm in love with Enya!" Nicki gushed.
"Oh my gosh, she makes me feel like I could fly!"
Nicki is currently a judge on American Idol alongside Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson.