Steven Tyler’s band Aerosmith “nailed” their sports anthem.

The famous rock group was invited by the American National Football League to pen a song for the New England Patriots team.

To frontman Steven’s surprise, Aerosmith’s tune Legendary Child – Patriots Anthem came together very easily.

"Legendary Child was a little ditty that didn't make it on some other album, and I didn't write lyrics that I liked yet," Steven told MTV News.

"A lot of of songs we've done are licks that we wrote on tour, and didn't put down on tape until we got to a studio years ago ... it's a song that's had several different incarnations, but we finally wrote it the way we liked it.

"The lick is so severe, what Joe [Perry] wrote was so nuts that, when the NFL asked me to write something, it was so ridiculous, it just worked. And the Patriots are our team; so I sat down with Joe and we wrote some pretty cool lyrics; we went down to the studio and we nailed it."