Noomi Rapace is chased by evil zombies in The Rolling Stones’ controversial new music video.
The British rockers have just released the promo for Doom & Gloom, the latest track from the GRRR! album. The promo sees the Swedish beauty involved in a series of unsettling scenarios, including running through a swamp as she attempts to escape from a crowd of sinister corpses – before she turns around and shoots them.
Noomi shows off her musical talents and joins The Rolling Stones in several clips. She dances around to the track, taking over on vocals from Sir Mick Jagger and playing the drums in place of Charlie Watts.
In another scene Noomi writhes around in her underwear on a bed covered in $100 bills then sets fire to the money. She also is seen dancing sexily in a skimpy outfit and pink wig by a roadside as she flashes her body to unsuspecting motorists.
During one bizarre scene, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo star’s head explodes after she gorges on junk food and throws up.
She also dons a variety of coloured wigs and outfits to play an ill-fated fighter pilot, a dreadlocked beggar, an imprisoned punk rock chick, an angry girl dressed in military fatigues who trashes a room and a glamorous stewardess.
The Doom & Gloom promo was recently filmed in France while The Rolling Stones were rehearsing for their 50th anniversary shows. It was shot behind closed doors in a Paris warehouse and helmed by acclaimed Swedish director Jonas Akerlund.
Akerlund is no stranger to making music promos, having previously worked with stars including Lady Gaga, Beyoncé Knowles and Christina Aguilera. He won a Grammy award for his work on the video to accompany Madonna’s hit single Ray of Light.