Alicia Keys' two-year-old son is "pretty advanced" for his age and “co-wrote” his first track aged six months.
The international star claims Egypt helped with her latest project, which is an interactive storybook app for children called The Journals of Mama Mae & LeeLee.
Doting mother Alicia has gushed about the talents of her tot, and relied on his musical input when making the tracks featured on the app.
“He’s pretty advanced…” Alicia explained to British magazine Stylist.
“Egypt co-wrote every song. He did. Every time I’m writing something, I’m like, ‘Come on, E.’ He wrote his first song at six months. When he’s there, the songs just come, and I’m like, ‘This works.’ He’s my partner."
The Empire State of Mind singer's life has altered over the last two years. She's become a married woman as well as first time mother, which had a huge affect on her daily routine. In order to keep her over-achieving toddler amused, Alicia wakes at 8am every day and has breakfast with Egypt before their daily meditation session.
“[How does a toddler meditate?] Oh, he doesn’t. He goes everywhere else, shouting, ‘Mummy, mummy.’ Eventually he will sit in my lap. If I’m just meditating quietly and chanting, eventually he’ll start saying, ‘Ommm,'” Alicia laughed. “We’ll watch Sesame Street, play piano, play some games. He loves basketball. He takes classes; swim class, Mandarin class.”
The chart topper's high expectations for her son come from her own morals. Alicia is hard on herself and determined to make a success of everything she does, which often means sacrificing sleep to fulfil her duties as mother and mega recording star.
“I’m a notorious 4am emailer [everyone I work with has commented on my] early emails," Alicia revealed. “It’s not easy. It’s hard as hell. You’re probably not going to sleep that much, if at all. But at least you love it, and then you feel good about it, and it’s going to be good.”