You would think that, with one of the worst selling albums of her career and a number of shows on her tour failing to sell out, Madonna would be doing everything she can to keep the fans happy.

That's not how it played out on Monday night in Miami. The singer's show, the second to last for the MDNA North American tour, was advertised with an 8 PM start time and, while a 10 PM start wouldn't have been out of the question based on history, the Material Girl didn't take the stage until after 11:30. Not a good move for an artist performing on a non-weekend night as many in the audience had to be up in the morning for work or school.

The fans were obviously getting restless in the arena as Twitter was ablaze with comments.

The crowd in Miami is booing #Madonna's epic tardiness, walking out en masse and getting refunds. I love the Queen, but this is LATE LATE! (Perez Hilton)

So #Madonna just went on in Miami. Just after 11:30 PM. On a Monday. Her show is 2 hours long - Cray cray! (Perez Hilton)

Queen or not, that's unprofessional. It's not cool to leave fans waiting like that.

Madonna must have OD-ed on "MDNA" while all of us nerds are waiting for her dumb ass to come on stage

Madonna, no show 3 hours after start time. Former fans leaving en masse.

Madonna who do u think u are ? 3 1/2 hrs late & still not on stage

hahah my mom is still waiting for Madonna to come out

@Madonna I am so pissed at you. Seriously? 3+ hours and still no sign. You suck
Reports say that fans were booing and leaving before she even hit the stage which could lead to a lot of overdubbing in the studio as it was announced that the MDNA tour DVD was being shot at the show.

To make matters worse, she did it again on Tuesday night, not taking the stage until 11 PM.

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