A number of years ago, Jesse L. Martin left his long running role on Law and Order to make a biopic of Marvin Gaye.

That movie never was made but a new one called Midnight Love, to be directed by long time music documentarian Julien Temple, is now being planned.

According to the London Evening Standard, the movie will chronicle the last few years of Gaye’s life starting in 1981. At the time time he was living in London and had a number of heavy addictions until producer Freddy Coussaert took him to Belgium to clean him up. Marvin was shot and killed after an argument with his father in 1984.

Reportedly, Lenny Kravitz has been selected for the part of Gaye in the film. To date, Kravitz has acted in three movies, Precious, The Hunger Games and the upcoming The Butler, with The Hunger Games: Catching Firenow starting production.

One factor seems to be the main sticking point to Kravitz’s casting. Marvin’s last wife, Janice Gaye, is saying she is very skeptical about Lenny’s ability to pull off the part.

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