The Rolling Stones have released a music video for ‘Doom and Gloom’, their new song from the ‘GRRR’ album starring, Noomi Rapace.

The video, directed by Jonas Akerlund and starring the Swedish actress, was filmed recently in Paris while they were rehearsing for their 50th anniversary shows. Noomi was the star of ‘The Girl With The Dragon tattoo’.

Video highlights are when Noomi:

• Is chased in a Louisiana swamp by evil zombies who end up in a shoot out
• Lies semi-naked on a bed of 100 dollar bills then sets fire to the money and flushes it down the toilet.
• Gorges on junk food …throws up .. head explodes
• Dances at the roadside in skimpy outfit flashing at unsuspecting motorists.
• Struts into shot with the band and takes over vocal performance from Jagger and drums
for Charlie Watts.

Akerlun was the director behind Madonna’s ‘Ray Of Light’ and has worked with Beyonce, Lady Gaga, The Prodigy and Christina Aguilera.

‘Doom and Gloom’ is featured on the 40, 50 and 80 track versions of the Rolling Stones latest album ‘GRRR’.

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