Marie Osmond “can’t be home for Christmas”.
The star’s son Michael Blosil, 18, jumped to his death from his eighth-floor Los Angeles apartment on February 26, 2010.
After Michael committed suicide, Marie finds it difficult to celebrate the holidays.
She and Donny will be on tour in Britain through Christmas and New Year celebrations instead of opening presents at home with their family.
“We are doing a big Christmas tour and the reason was the year my son passed away I told my brother Donny, ‘I can’t be home for Christmas, I am going to do a tour’. So he said, Let’s do one together’,” she told British newspaper The Mirror.
“It never gets better. God gives you little bits of respite and then suddenly it will hit you, especially around the holidays.”
Marie often suffers from waves of emotional pain stemming from her son’s death.
Apparently the agony of loss never subsides and she doesn’t wish the death of a child on anyone.
“It was a terrible time,” Marie said.
“It is a club you wish nobody belonged to. A lot of people have lost sons and daughters. It’s not a fun club to be a part of.”