Chris Martin says it’s “kind of sad” that he always forgets to buy his Coldplay bandmates Christmas presents.
The singer has performed with Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland and Will Champion since the ‘90s.
Despite their longstanding friendship, the 35-year-old admits he often forgets to buy them festive gifts.
“Will and Guy are very, very good and they always give us lovely presents and Jonny and I are not very good. It’s kind of sad!” he laughed to Australian radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O.
“It’s hard to get presents for each other! But we do buy each other stuff, just not always for birthdays and Christmas. Like I might buy something for Guy tomorrow if I see something I think he’d like.”
The band is currently busy with their Mylo Xyloto tour, which started in Europe in October 2011 and will finish in Mexico in February 2013.
Chris says the band no longer has crazy nights out while away with work as they want to give their all during every performance.
“Some of us did all that [partying] in the old days. Everyone does things in moderation but the worst feeling in the world is going on stage and not feeling quite right,” he explained.
“That is so terrifying; then you suddenly realise how many people are there. And then you think, ‘God that person’s come from work, that person’s saved up for six months to be here and that person should be at school tomorrow.’”