25 years on, Mod ‘supergroup’ The Rage are reforming to headline the Time For Action Mod Revival Weekender in Madrid which will be closely followed by at least one London gig at the 100 Club, date TBC.

The band were formed in 1984 from the ashes of Mod heroes, The Chords (Brett Ascott), Purple Hearts (Jeff Shadbolt) and Long Tall Shorty (Derwent Jaconelli and Steve Moran). The energy of their upbeat performances has long lived in the memory and for many they were more than equals to their better known predecessors.

The band’s one single, ‘Looking For You’ was released following various delays and with almost no promotion. The passion within the band began to wane so the boys called it a day. Another time and without bad luck it could have been very different.

Their comeback is a chance to celebrate their music and the buzz (albeit short lived) it created. I’m thoroughly looking forward to it!