It was a long-rumoured tour that finally came to fruition starting back on October 5.

Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler brought their show to Torontofs Air Canada Centre on Wednesday night offering up a lot of new (Knopfler) and quite a bit of classic old (Dylan).

Knopfler opened with an eleven song set that included five songs from his latest album, Privateering, and only two recorded before 2000 including one Dire Straits song.

Dylan then came on with a 15 song set that spanned his career going back 1963Œs Blowinf in the Wind up to his latest, Tempest, from which he only played one song. Throughout his set, he only played multiple songs from one album, Highway 61 Revisited from which he played Ballad of a Thin Man, Like a Rolling Stone and the title track.

The Set Lists:

Mark Knopfler

Main Set
◾What It Is (from Sailing to Philadelphia, 2000)
◾Corned Beef City (from Privateering, 2012)
◾Privateering (from Privateering, 2012)
◾Kingdom of Gold (from Privateering, 2012)
◾I Used to Could (from Privateering, 2012)
◾Song For Sonny Liston (from Shangri-La, 2004)
◾Done With Bonaparte (from Golden Heart, 1996)
◾Hill Farmerfs Blues (from The Ragpickerfs Dream, 2002)
◾Haul Away (from Privateering, 2012)
◾Marbletown (from The Ragpickerfs Dream, 2002)

◾So Far Away (from Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits, 1985)

Bob Dylan

Main Set

◾You Ainft Goinf Nowhere (from Bob Dylanfs Greatest Hits, Volume 2, 1971)
◾Man in the Long Black Coat (with Mark Knopfler) (from Oh Mercy, 1989)
◾Things Have Changed (with Mark Knopfler) (from the soundtrack of the film Wonder Boys, 2000)
◾Tangled Up in Blue (with Mark Knopfler) (from Blood on the Tracks, 1975)
◾Early Roman Kings (from Tempest, 2012)
◾Joey (from Desire, 1976)
◾Rollinf and Tumblinf (from Modern Times, 2006)
◾Visions of Johanna (from Blonde on Blonde, 1966)
◾Highway 61 Revisited (from Highway 61 Revisited, 1965)
◾Sugar Baby (from Love and Theft, 2001)
◾Thunder on the Mountain (from Modern Times, 2006)
◾Ballad of a Thin Man (from Highway 61 Revisited, 1965)
◾Like a Rolling Stone (from Highway 61 Revisited, 1965)
◾All Along the Watchtower (from John Wesley Harding, 1967)


◾Blowinf in the Wind (from The Freewheelinf Bob Dylan, 1963)

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