Lionel Richie joined the list of famous faces to have appeared at the prestigious Oxford Union. Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp, Clint Eastwood, David Cameron have all given speeches at the Union before but none of those speakers have led the historic debating chamber in song!

Lionel was asked to sing during the Q & A section of the speech, he obliged by singing 'Easy', to which the chamber joined in. Lionel finished the song be remarking - "Let's see how fast that get's to You Tube!

Lionel began his speech by talking about his late friend Michael Jackson, he said ,"Michael Jackson said I would be impressed here - I am impressed!"

He also discussed the phenomenon that is Gangnam Style, Lionel said, "Psy was the joke of his community, he is no longer a joke! He is sitting on top of the world!" He was then asked to teach one of the members of the audience Gangnam Style, Lionel brought the member of the audience up in front of everyone and taught him Lionel style!

Lionel discussed a number of topics, including his favourite songs, he said "My favourite song is 'Yesterday', every time I see Paul McCartney I say to him, 'Scrambled Eggs! Really..." (Scrambled Eggs was it's original title).

He also went on to discuss the role of technology in music, he said, "Their are two types of artist, creative and created. Technology has given us the greatest created artists ever!"

Well Lionel, by our reckoning it took a day.