Nick Cannon wants his wife Mariah Carey to record a duet with American Idol rival Nicki Minaj.
The two divas were at the centre of controversy last month after they were caught on camera screaming profanities at one another while judging auditions for the US singing competition.
Nicki recently said a duet with Mariah would make for great television after the fight.
And Nick admits he agrees.
"They could definitely do that. Why not? People love that stuff," he told E! News.
The actor said it would be a perfect marketing opportunity as Mariah has an album coming out soon. But he will leave it to the ladies to decide whether or not to bury the hatchet and share the stage on the FOX network show.
"I'm pretty sure they could figure that out," he said, adding, “That's probably part of the whole thing, she's going to get out there and promote her new music."
While the drama continues to unfold Nick is looking forward to the Idol season premiere in January.
The show he hopes will help fans see a more personable side of his Grammy-winning wife.
"I think it's all about the opportunity for people to see Mariah for who she really is," he said. "You'll get to see how intelligent she is… how witty, and her great sense of humor. Also, her nurturing spirit and wanting to help all these young people accomplish their dreams."