Radiohead played Melbourne tonight for the first time in a decade with one brand new song and a mix of the albums (1997) Ok Computer to the current album The King of Limbs (2011).

Ten years on the sound remains the same but the technology has improved. Radio can now give the big light show that a decade ago was impossible to achieve.

From the start of ‘Lotus Flower’, the Radiohead show becomes an event. Thom Yorke still very much drives the band but that combination of Jonny Greenwood, Colin Greenwood, Ed O’Brien and Philip Selway, the always and original Radiohead, creates the unique sound.

The setlist for Radiohead in Melbourne, November 16, 2012 was:

Lotus Flower (from The King Of Limbs, 2011)
Airbag (from OK Computer, 1997)
Bloom (from The King Of Limbs, 2011)
Staircase (single, 2011)
Myxomatosis (from Hail To The Thief, 2003)
The Gloaming (from Hail To The Thief, 2003)
Separator (from The King Of Limbs, 2011)
Reckoner (from In Rainbows, 2007)
Videotape (from In Rainbows, 2007)
Climbing Up The Walls (from OK Computer, 1997)
Nude (from In Rainbows, 2007)
Identikit (unreleased)
There There (from Hail To The Thief, 2003)
Karma Police (from OK Computer, 1997)
Feral (from The King Of Limbs, 2011)
Bodysnatchers (from In Rainbows, 2007)

Pyramid Song (from Amnesiac, 2001)
House Of Cards (from In Rainbows, 2007)
Morning Mr Magpie (from The King Of Limbs, 2011)
Idioteque (from Kid A, 2000)
Paranoid Android (from OK Computer, 1997)

Give Up The Ghost (from The King Of Limbs, 2011)
15 Step (from In Rainbows, 2007)
Everything In Its Right Place (from Kid A, 2000)

The remaining show on the Radiohead Australian tour is tonight at Melbourne, Rod Laver Arena.

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