Marcus Mumford has “fewer ideas” for heartbreak songs since marrying Carey Mulligan.

The singer-songwriter revealed his happy relationship with the actress has influenced his creative process when it comes to channelling his own experiences through music.

The frontman of British folk band Mumford & Sons explained he struggled to think of lovelorn lyrics in a recent musical brainstorm with his band members.

"We had a little writing session the other day. The other guys were coming up with more ideas than I was," he told British newspaper The Guardian.

Marcus also recalled his early experiences on the road, touring with fellow folk artist and former girlfriend Laura Marling.

After meeting when he worked as a session drummer for the songstress, he relived their shared musical beginnings and how they enjoyed the simple life of travelling from gig to gig together.

"We toured a lot, just me and her. Have you seen [movie] Force 10 from Navarone? I was like the bomb expert, Miller, had my little box of tricks – [drum]sticks, a mandolin. We used an accordion case as a kick-drum, made snares out of paper stuck on tables,” he recalled. “Laura would never say anything on stage so I'd do all the chatting. That got my stage banter sharpened."