Christina Aguilera doesn’t feel “ashamed of anything” on her body.

The 31-year-old Beautiful singer has come under criticism for her weight recently.

Christina has been generating headlines for her racy Lotus album cover, in which her hair covers her breasts and her naked body rises out of petals.

The songstress doesn’t care about other people’s opinions on her looks.

She embraces everything about her physicality.

“I've always been personally comfortable in my own skin, and being able to express that, never feeling ashamed of anything,” Christina told Extra.

Christina wants everyone to love themselves.

The star, who has released a perfume named Red Skin, thinks that fragrance enhances people’s power of attraction.

“Every woman should embrace their sensuality and their bodies, and I think fragrance is a great way for you to embrace yourself,” she said.

Christina’s new album Lotus hit the shelves earlier this month.