Monday night Tulisa performed at BBC Radio 1Xtra Live's first night in Britxon alongside Angel, Whizzkid and Trey Songz.

After her performance in an interview with 1Xtra Tulisa revealed that there is a possibility of her dueting with Ella if she makes it to the XFactor final, although she said that it would depend on whether Louis ended up with any of his acts in the final as the possibility of him doing a duet wasn't an option.

Tulisa said when asked if she would duet with Ella if she made it to the final: "I don't know yet she's either going to perform with another artist or we are going to do the judges performing. But it depends as well because if Louis is in the final what's he gonna do?"

Speaking about performing at 1Xtra Live Tulisa said she was really nervous about the gig "I was really nervous about the gig, you know, because I wanted to do well as I felt like I was coming back to my roots. It's the first gig I've done that is similar to what I used to do with NDubz and I just wanted it to go well." She said she was worried about the audience "are they going to embrace me back or say 'where have you been, you've been off doing XFactor?'"

She talked about how it was important for her to keep with her urban roots and that she is planning to work with NDubz in the 2013: "Its very important because certain people may think that because I do the job I do now, that I've lost myself but I'm not about that. When it comes to music I want to reunite with NDubz in the new year."