Justin Bieber is hot on the heels of Lady Gaga, after passing the 30 million follower milestone on Twitter this weekend. The ‘Boyfriend’ singer is the second person to reach the milestone, but is trailing Lady Gaga by just over 1 million followers.

Bieber has struggled to catch up to her on Twitter, although he has openly stated that he would like to reach the top spot. While Lady Gaga gains around 30,000 new followers a day on Twitter, according to Starcount’s social media leaderboard, Justin Bieber is gaining an average of almost 40,000 new followers daily - meaning he could be the most followed person in just a few months.

Katy Perry is in third position on Twitter, with over 28.9 million followers, while Rihanna is in fourth with 26.6 million followers. Barack Obama rounds up the top 5 with 23.2 followers, after gaining an incredible 1.4 million new followers in the last week, thanks to the US election.

Although he has managed to overtake Gaga on YouTube after she beat him to 1 billion views in 2010, Bieber trails behind on Facebook with 47.6 million fans, compared to Gaga’s 53.6 million. He is also far behind Rihanna, who is Facebook’s most popular person with over 62.4 million fans.

With speculation around his potential breakup with Disney princess girlfriend Selena Gomez, Justin was quick to thank his followers for their continuous support. The tweet, containing the hashtag #30MillionBeliebers was retweeted over 56,000 times. While it doesn’t look like ‘Bieber Fever’ will be over anytime soon, it will take him a little longer to claim the social media crown from Lady Gaga.

Top 10 People on Twitter

1. Lady Gaga (31.1m)
2. Justin Bieber (30.1m)
3. Katy Perry (28.9m)
4. Rihanna (26.6m)
5. Barack Obama (23.2m)
6. Britney Spears (21.8m)
7. Taylor Swift (20.6m)
8. Shakira (18.6m)
9. Kim Kardashian (16.6m)
10. Nicki Minaj (14.9m)