Ridley Scott Associates, Black Dog Films and Scott Free London are currently making a new documentary to be called Springsteen and I which examines the dynamic between Bruce Springsteen and his fans.

Inspired by Scott Free's award-winning Life In A Day, the producers are now looking for fans' most personal insights, abstractions and reflections on how Bruce Springsteen and his music has affected their lives.

"We encourage you to be part of this unique cinematic experience by either submitting a clip or getting in touch with us via email or phone," says the film's producer Svana Gisla. "We are searching for a wide variety of creative interpretations, captured in the most visually exciting way you can think of, whether you've been a hardcore Tramp since '73 or have heard one of his songs for the first time today! If you have a parent, a sibling, a neighbor or a colleague who has an interesting tale, we want to know about them. If you can't use a camera or are not sure how to capture your story then get in touch and we will link you up with someone who can!"

Movie and image files will be able to be quickly uploaded through the film's website springsteenandi.com by following simple online instructions. Ideally, the higher quality the footage the better, but the producers stress that any equipment, from smartphones to hi-def cameras are accepted – as long as they are under 5 minutes in length.

Springsteen & I will accept submissions from 12:00 am GMT on November 15, 2012 through 12:00 am GMT on November 29, 2012 at springsteenandi.com.

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