Madonna fan Robert Linhart has been convicted of resisting arrest outside her former New York City apartment.
The retired firefighter was taken into custody after painting love notes on large wooden boards outside her Manhattan building on September 21, 2010.
Linhart, who has been accused of stalking the star, was convicted on Friday, America's New York Post newspaper reports. Jurors determined he resisted arrest by flailing his arms while officers attempted to handcuff him.
He faces up to a year in jail.
Linhart was acquitted of a second charge of resisting arrest on September 18, 2010.
His defence lawyer Lawrence LaBrew is planning an appeal.
He claims his client suffered a torn rotator cuff during the first arrest and could not move his arms to comply with officers’ attempts to handcuff him during the second.
According to the newspaper, Linhart tweets under the name @madonna_stalker.
"Funny, I just heard Madonna say that she supports freedom of speach," he reportedly tweeted in August (sic). "I think that she should inform her security of her beliefs."
A spokesperson for the singer has not issued comment on the conviction.