Travis Barker is preparing to board an airplane for the first time in nearly half a decade.
The Blink 182 musician survived a plane crash with his friend DJ AM in 2008 that left four people dead. DJ AM, who is Nicole Richie’s ex-boyfriend, died soon after the incident from a drug overdose allegedly brought on by survivor’s guilt.
Travis has avoided travelling through air since the incident, but he’s nearly ready to face his fear.
"I'm scared to death of flying," Travis revealed in the latest episode of MTV2’s series The Dub Magazine Project.
"The goal is to be stress free, so I think in February will be the first time I fly in four years."
Travis embarked on a 3000-mile cross-country journey from the east coast to California after the crash.
He simply couldn’t muster the courage fly in the wake of the trauma
"When DJ AM passed away, I was in New York, and I found out that morning, and I left that day so I could get home to be home for his funeral," he said.
"I did that straight with no stops.