Florence Welch plans to dress up as a "Victorian Santa" this Christmas.

The fashionable frontwoman of Florence + the Machine explained what she loves most about the festive period.

She says Christmas Day is the only time of year she can relax with what she wears, so she'll often choose a wacky ensemble to put on behind closed doors.

“I have a beautiful jewelled Gucci cape, so maybe on Christmas Day I’ll play a gothic Victorian Santa and wear that," Florence pondered to the British edition of Marie Claire magazine.

“I get dressed up every day, so Christmas is one of my days off."

The busy star isn't the only member of her family who is partial to outlandish attire. British singer Florence recalled one festive occasion where her sister wore a head to toe camouflage khaki military uniform to the family get together.

"[Christmas is the time of year] when my sister Grace and I wear weird outfits," Florence continued. “One year she dressed up in an amoeba suit, and last year, I was so hungover I just stayed in my pyjamas.”