Motorhead seal a deal to make Shiraz in Australia.

The legendary metal band has partnered with an Australian winery to manufacture a Shiraz.

According to, “The wine has a very fruity aroma with flavours of vanilla, blackberries, plums, eucalyptus and liquorice. It is full-bodied with soft rounded tannins and packs a real punch”.

And what to have with your Motorhead Shiraz? The site suggests you “Enjoy Motörhead Shiraz with dishes like grilled lamb chops with garlic and rosemary. Also goes well with other lamb or beef dishes, as well as pasta and flavoursome cheeses. Serve a little below room temperature, around 16 – 18°C”.

The wine is produced by Distorted Beverages who also state they want to work with Rob Zombie, Slayer and Joe Satriani.

According to Chief Distortion Officer Luke, “When the opportunity came about to produce that most iconic of Australian wines, Shiraz; for the band I jumped up and grabbed it. Without knowing exactly how I would pull this small feat off, I set about contacting pretty much everyone I knew in the wine industry and started a voyage of discovery. Roughly 12 months later and we are finally here”.

“Launched in Sweden and then throughout Europe in 2010/11 Motörhead Shiraz has finally made its way to Australian shores. The 2009 vintage was personally selected by me from the Mt Benson region in southern South Australia. We at Distorted Beverages think it’s about time the wine industry got a kick in the arse, this ought to do it!”

Motorhead Shiraz sells for $108 for a case of six.

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