Chris Brown would burst into song as a "chick magnet" technique when he was a youngster.

Chris laughed as he recalled the extreme effort he went to in order to woo girls.

The R&B singer has no shortage of female admirers now, but revealed it wasn't the case when he was growing up.

"I definitely used to sing in the malls and walk up to a group of girls. And they’d say, 'Hey! Who’s that boy?' And all my friends would talk to all the girls," Chris laughed to Prestige Hong Kong. "It was a good chick magnet back in the day."

The singer explained how he came to be discovered at the tender age of 13. The star revealed the truth about the alleged incident, where he was signed up to his record label after belting out a song in a gas station.

"Oh, never, never, never [would I burst into songs in a gas station] the gas station thing [laughs]...It’s kind of like when you line everybody up and whisper something and by the time it gets to the end it’s a different story," Chris explained. "A guy came to the gas station [in Virginia] where my father worked, who knew a guy who happened to know a guy who worked for the guy who knew a guy who knew a production team."