Apple Inc now legally owns the Apple Corps logo. The Californian computer company now controls The Beatles iconic Granny Smith.

The band has used the Beatles green apple logo ever since the ‘Hey Jude’ single in 1968.

In 2007, Apple Inc (computers) reached a settlement Apple Corps (Beatles) over a dispute with the Apple trademark. The settlement included Apple (computers) taking ownership of all Apple (Beatles) trademarks but then licencing back the logo to The Beatles.

The 2007 case started the negotiations between The Beatles and Apple to include The Beatles catalogue in Apple’s iTunes store. The agreement was reached in November 2010 leading to 450,000 sales of The Beatles albums and over 2 million individual song downloads in the first week.

Papers lodged in Canada on October 23 show the transfer from:

Apple Corps Limited
27 Ovington Square
London, SW3, ILJ
United Kingdom


Current Owner:
Apple Inc.
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, California, 95014
United States of America

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