Michael Bublé decided to change so he wouldn't end up "alone with long fingernails".

The singer is happily married to Argentinean actress-and-model Luisana Lopilato. They tied the knot in 2011, three years after they started dating. He credits her with helping him turn his life around and realise what was important.

"I used to be a professional a**hole. A lot of that came from insecurity and not being able to live in the moment," he told British newspaper The Sun. "When my last relationship ended I had to ask myself a whole bunch of questions. The difference is some people will know it and want to change, others won’t, but I thought if I don’t I’ll probably end up alone with long fingernails.

“I was pretty insecure... this is like a therapy session, can you tickle my hand?"

Michael's romance with actress Emily Blunt ended in 2008.

The Canadian singer has been closely following the US presidential race, with Americans voting on who should be in the White House today. Although he isn't entitled to an official vote, Michael ensures he keeps up with politics.

Many other musicians have been vocal about their support for current president Barack Obama or his Republican competitor Mitt Romney, which Michael doesn't always enjoy hearing.

"Half the artists don’t know what they’re doing, they just think it looks cool," he claimed.

The 37-year-old star is a big fan of many types of music and particularly enjoys pop. He thinks reality TV is a good way of finding new talent, citing American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson as an example.

He is also impressed with British boy band One Direction and wishes he'd spent more time talking to them when they met.

"When I look back at when I met them I have one regret — and that’s I wish I'd asked Harry Styles for women advice, just like, ‘How do you get things done, Harry?’” he laughed.