What do you give a person who has everything? Well touring company Live Nation has given Lady Gaga her very own plane.

You heard right, Live Nation has given Lady Gaga her own 757.

“So apparently LIVE NATION gave us a 757 I just cried on the tarmac. We tried to take a pic but its too big,” Lady Gaga tweeted today.

Gaga then boarded the plane and discovered it also had internet. “OMG there’s Internet on the PLANE. THIS IS MY PLANE IT HAS INTERWEBULAR features. Monsters :( i cant believe this sometimes,” she wrote.

Gaga was so happy with her new gift that she sang one of her hits in the air. “I just sang bad romance in the aisle and Tara’s doing Kristen Wig Bridesmaids impressions on the intercom,” she then posted.

“There’s even custom seats!!,” was her next post.

And the post kept coming from up in the air. “Thanks for believing in Born This Way. Thank you Live Nation and monsters. hope u feel like I’m sharing this w u,” she then wrote.

A Boeing 757 is worth around $50 million. That’s small change to the revenue earned on the Monster Ball tour. Live Nation banked $227.4 million from the tour.

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