Selena Gomez has reportedly threatened to “jump out and take a taxi” if Justin Bieber ever speeds again.

The two stars have been dating for some time and have found themselves at the center of scrums of paparazzi in the past.

In July, Justin was given a ticket after he was caught speeding down a high way at around 100 mph. At the time he claimed he was trying to get away from photographers, but Selena was reportedly still unhappy about the incident.

“Selena finally told Justin she’s fed up and if he goes over the speed limit again, she going to jump out and take a taxi home,” an insider told National Enquirer.

Justin apparently thought the brunette beauty was joking at first, so laughed off her comments. However, she soon made it clear how unhappy she was about the incident.

“He knows when his girlfriend means business,” the source added.

In May, Justin lost a shoe during a scuffle with photographers while on a cinema date with Selena. She was seen calming him down following the altercation.