Eli Roth brought Wu Tang rapper RZA to his parents’ house for some dinner.

The pair worked together on RZA’s directorial debut The Man with the Iron Fists, which opened this weekend.

The idea for the film came about organically.

“Yeah, I think it was a snowstorm that brought this movie into existence,” Eli recalled to Ain’t It Cool News.

“Actually it was my mother's mushroom soup. We were snowed in in Boston, and we thought we'd be stuck at the airport for hours, even overnight. So I said, ‘My parents live in Boston. Let's just go to my parents' house.’ So we got in a cab in the snowstorm, and went to my parents house, and my mom had dinner ready.

“So she had mushroom soup, angel hair pasta, and my dad had a nice bottle of wine. It was great. And I said, ‘RZA, my dad was from Brownsville.’ Brownsville is a very rough part of Brooklyn, and it turns out that RZA and my dad grew up blocks from each other. Different generations, obviously, but both had made it out, and knew how difficult that was. So there was this instant respect between the two of them.”